Frequently Asked Questions


General FAQ's


Q.1: How to get register with SOS Profit Inc.?

You can get register with SOS Profit Inc. by using the following Tab REGISTER on the main page.

Q.2: What are the tasks, how do they work?

The task is a job that is a set of instructions that you follow, and get paid for such a job. For example, there may be multiple tasks that are categorized in the form of short and lengthy advertisement videos, some are to download and use the software or search engines, etc…. Most task or job you have to complete multiple time on the same day or have to repeat them on a daily basis until the required target is achieved by the SOS Profit Inc.

Sometime task is repeated multiple times to check your ability that how focus and interest you have to complete such task until we know that now you can perform these task. We also pay you for the task you perform every time and that is why sometimes the same advertisement/survey or data entry etc…. have different payouts. Remember as per the company policies sometimes if you didn’t perform the task as per the said rules and regulation then some amount may be deducting from your account as per rules and regulation for this kindly read Our Terms of Services.

Also, have a look at the attached instruction while performing the tasks.

The earning for the task/jobs you perform will be transferred to your account in the meanwhile so we suggest you to familiarize yourself with your account.

Most of you are unable to stay above from the minimum accuracy threshold for a particular task and SOS Profit Inc. will stop you to perform such task/jobs. But we guide you that do not get discouraged or disappointed that is to be expected by SOS Profit Inc. We also welcome you to perform other tasks that are also available for you only so you can get earn as max as you can.

Further if you any questions related to a certain task feel free to contact us.

You can earn as much as you can. Because each job/task will pay you from fee cents to dollars as per your completion of the task. But also remember that the higher paying tasks require more works from your end.

Do not perform any illegal activity like using fake software, auto clicker software or any kind of such extensions. The SOS Profit INC. set some filters that can deduct such activities and your account will be suspended. Once your account suspended we are sorry that we are unable to help you in this matter. Task/Jobs are the only way of your earnings. If someone found abusing or performing the illegal activity that IP or person will also be banned from the website. 

Q.3: How do I earn money with SOS Profit?

You can earn money with SOS Profit Inc. by subscribing to our programs for further you can see the tab Our Projects. Any program in which you invest has different return/profit options. You can go for PTC/GPT, Surveys, Watch Videos, Cryptocurrency trading or long term investment plans. These offers are available in Our Projects.

For further you can ask us by visiting Support.

Q.4: I share a home with my brother, my cousin, and his girlfriend - Can we each have an SOS Profit account?

Yes, you all can have the SOS Profit account. For that, each member has to submit his/her details and to be verified from our Customer Care Department. Also, they have to log in from different IP's. As you get verified you can start earning.

Q.5: Can I access my account from different locations?

 If you get logged in from different locations at the same time your account will be suspended. IF your account is logged in from different locations on the same day you will have to verify your account once and the location IP will be stored in our database and next time if you logged in from the same place you don’t have to verify your details again. Remember by cleaning your browser history and caches memory you have to verify your details again. This is because our database will be unable to verify your browser history. Further, if you are using any VPN service we suggest you DO NOT USE VPN as your account will be suspended. For further information, talk to our Customer Care Department.

Q.6: Can I earn playing games?

 Yes, you can earn by playing games. But this feature will be coming soon.

Q.7: How do I close/delete my account?

You can close/delete your account any time by contacting us at Our Support.

Q.8: My account is closed/delete can I reopen it?

No, once your account is closed or deleted you cannot reopen that account.

Q.09: I don't understand my account balance, what is Main Balance, Purchase Balance, and Traffic Balance?

Your main balance is the balance that is available for withdrawing, your purchase balance is the balance that you have deposited or the amount you paid to purchase the membership of SOS Profit Inc. The traffic balance is the balance that is earned by making campaigns from your account to generate traffic the more traffic came to the more amount you will get. Further, you can also shear this balance to generate more traffic or for the marketing of your products.

Q.10: Can I access my account with a proxy?

No, we suggest you do not use Proxy or any kind of VPN service as we also explain before if you log in from multiple IP’s in the same days your account will be suspended due to security reasons. Further, If you are logging in from another IP’s either you are not using a proxy but you are in another city/country we also request you verify your identity. This is because your account is the way of earning and you deposited the amount so we try our best to secure your account. For further inquiries, you can contact us at Our Support.

Q.11: Why is my account suspended?

Your account can be suspended due to several reasons like shearing sensitive information like password, PIN or any account related information, using abusive language, using the software, log in from multiple IP, etc. For further you can contact us at Our Support if your account got suspended.

Q.12: How to update my profile information?

You can update your profile information any time by clicking on the setting available in the right above corner of your account. But remember you cannot change your username or email.

 Q.13: I cannot access the registration page, is my country supported? 

If you are unable to access the registration page then we suggest you talk to Our Support department.

Q.14: Why was there a debit from my account?

Debits can happen for several reasons. A reversed offer or survey, a refund on an upgrade, a reversal on ad clicking or more. Most reversals that happen are related to an offer that you may have completed that the advertiser felt was not completed per their terms. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done when a reversal takes place.

Q.15: Is there a minimum age to join SOS Profit Inc.?

Yes, 18 years is the minimum age to join SOS Profit Inc.

 Q.16: Can I change my username? 

No, you cannot change your username.

 Q.17: Can I create an account for someone? 

No, you cannot create multiple accounts from the same IP addresses.

Q.18: How do I change my email address?

Sorry, you cannot change your email address once you used to create an account.

Q.19: Why am I being asked to log in each time I come to the site?

This is for the security reasons to log in again each time you open your account after closing it or if the session gets expired.

Q.20: Why am I getting error access denied?

If you are getting such error, we recommend you to contact Our Support department and do not try to log in again and again as maybe this is a temporary issue and you get your account suspended.


Payments Related



Q.1: When and how will I get paid (Cashout)?

Your earnings will be transferred to your chosen account. You will get your earnings as per the schedule given in your package details.

Your payment usually sends in between 3 to 5 Business days. It may be delayed due to many circumstances.

To request the payment, click on the “payment” option and proceed for the payment withdraw to your E-wallet. You are allowed for the cash out as per your package plan.

For further inquiries, you can ask us at support/live chat.

Q.2: Can I use Paypal to make payments or get paid?

Still, PayPal is not available. As we get a valid number of verified members and the requests for PayPal we will integrate this for the payments and receiving’s.

Q.3: Where is the cashout link?

There is no such cashout links are available to get cash out you have to go in the withdraw option in your account. For further help, talk to our Customer Care Department.

Q.4: How much money can I make?

There is no way to calculate how much money you can make. There are multiple tasks/jobs and plans are available at Our Projects you can choose and make a lot of money if you desired so.

Q.5: How do I withdraw funds from my Perfect Money Account?

You can withdraw funds from your Perfect Money account by local exchange located in your region or country or you can also use our verified exchanges to transfer or exchange your currency anytime anywhere online. We also recommend that you also verify before using any exchange.

Q.6: Can a Payment account such as Perfect Money be listed on more than one SOS Profit Inc. account?

Yes, you can use the same Perfect Money or any other currency account on more than one account.

Q.7: How do I register to Perfect Money?

To get register on Perfect Money we suggest you visit Perfect Money's official site or just click on the Perfect Money and you will be redirected to the Payoneer website. If you need any help you can visit our YouTube channel where you can find the account registration process step by step.

Q.8: What Perfect Money fees are included when receiving funds?

For this, you have to see Perfect Money Fees.

Q.9: How do I view my Perfect Money Account balance?

You can view your Perfect Money account balance by logging in to your Perfect Money account or you can watch the use of the Perfect Money account at our YouTube channel.

Q.10: How can I receive more information about Perfect Money?

You can receive more information about Perfect Money by visiting the site or by using our YouTube channel that has all the information you required.

Referral System

Q.1: How do I get referrals for SOS Profit Inc.?

 If you want to get referrals for SOS Profit Inc. simply guide your friends and family or shear your referral link to your social media accounts. As anyone gets registered by using your link you will get the referral bonus of up to 10%. That will be transferred to your account as the person becomes a paid member. 

Q.2: Does SOS Profit Inc. rent or sell referrals?

No, we do not offer to rent or sell any referrals.

Q.3: What affiliate commission does SOS Profit Inc. offer?

SOS Profit Inc. offers an Affiliate Membership. To know about the Affiliate Program please contact our Live Support and talk to our Marketing Department. 

Q.4: I referred someone but I do not see them in my downline, why?

It is for several reasons that maybe he/she didn’t use your referral link or maybe he/she didn’t buy any membership. For further you can contact Our Support department at any time to have information related to your account.

Q.5: Am I responsible for taxes on payouts I receive?

Yes, you are responsible to pay your taxes or duties on your earnings as per your country rules and regulation. Also, SOS Profit Inc. does not have any kind of link or also we are not liable to pay your taxes and duties.

Q.6: Does SOS Profit Inc. have a spam policy?

Yes, we have a spam policy as also we have a strong check and balance on every user create an account. Or any member use referrals.

Project Related

For Project related if you have any questions feel free to contact us via Live Chat, Support, Call us or email us at [email protected]. We are happy to answer your questions and inquires. We are available 24/7/365 days.


Further FAQ's portion will be updated day by day as per the frequently asked question and queries from our valued members by Our Support Departement.
Last Updated 08 June 2019.