Multi-Currency Pricing 11/17/2019 4:39:04 PM



From now onwards "All the valued members will be able to see all pricing in their own local currency we have activated "Multi-Currency Pricing" Feature. "Multi-Currency Pricing" will auto deduct the currency as per your IP address. If you want to change currency according to your choice you can do it by watching the video available on our YouTube Channel."

To understand how to use it we have uploaded a video on our YouTube channel the link of the video is also given below. Kindly have a look and learn how you can better use Multi-Currency Pricing for good.


We do business in United States Currency that is Dollar($) so the change in all currency will be according to the Internation Currency Exchange Rates. The currency Exchange rates may differ as per your Country rules and Regulations. For such difference company is not liable to change the prices as or have no concern related to the Local Currency Exchange rates.

How to use Multi-Currency Pricing.

If you have any suggestions or need to ask anything feel free to contact us on live chat. We are happy to help.




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